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Weekly Playgroup sessions provided an opportunity to meet with other parents/caregivers and have fun positively interacting with their child. Playgroup sessions are designed to enhance the child’s development and skills in preparation for school. Parents act as mentors for each other or simply just offer friendship to each other.

Please contact FIRS if you would like further information - Phone: (08) 9359 1253 or Email:

PlayConnect WA Autistic Playgroup Program provides families with the opportunity to learn through play in a safe, supportive and friendly environment that recognises their individual developmental requirements. The group addresses the need and encouragement of parents in our community and meet weekly at FIRS. All the parents have access to the extensive range of print materials available on a wide range of community resources and service information.  Parents benefit from shared experiences and access to helpful resources.


Child Development Information and Advice is available for children aged 0-6 years. Resources and information on children’s developmental stages, ages and behaviours are accessible. Information and Referral to other community service agencies for parenting and early years’ support is available.

Educational Workshops on a variety of financial issues, parenting skills, and child development issues are provided throughout the year. These workshops provide parents with education, information and options. Education Workshops are posted on the calendar throughout the year.

Please contact FIRS if you would like further information - Phone: (08) 9359 1253 or Email:

Zig Zag Early Years Partnership (ZZEYP) operates within the City of Kalamunda to support families, early years’ service providers and early childhood practitioners through the formulation and delivery of early years’ strategies. Their objectives encompass being actively involved in advocacy for early years’ services, providing opportunity for support and networking for people involved with early years’ service provision, providing relevant information to families, maintaining a database of early years’ services and service providers and monitoring Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) data and taking appropriate action as a result of this information.

Any further information please contact:

Lucy Mills | Youth Officer

City of Kalamunda 

PO Box 42 KALAMUNDA WA 6926 

T: 08 9257 9968 | F: 08 9293 2715 E:  W:

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