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Financial Counselling

Financial counsellors can:

  • Help you organise your finances and do a budget

  • Suggest ways to improve your financial situation

  • See if you are eligible for government assistance

  • Negotiate repayment arrangements with your creditors

  • Explain your options and their consequences, including debt recovery procedures, bankruptcy and other alternatives

  • Help you work out a payment plan with creditors

  • Refer you to other services, for example, a gambling helpline, family support, personal counselling or community legal aid.

For further advice:


Dreambuilders Church

Anglicare Karnany Ph: 08 9274 7929

The Salvation Army Emergency Relief Services 
Ph: 08 9260 9599

Blue Sky Community Group Ph: 08 9376 9999


Financial Tips & Understanding Money
Money tips, About financial products, Scams, Unclaimed money, Trouble with debt,
Debt collection

Consumer Rights
Your rights
How to make a complaint

Information for debtors
Seek assistance from Financial Counsellor

Consolidate accounts for a fee
Find your superannuation accounts for free
Information/forms required to get superannuation released early

Credit Check
How to get your credit file free from Veda
Seek assistance from a financial counsellor

Information about payments
Compare payments/benefits
Centrepay-free bill paying service
Voluntary income management
Crisis payments
Centrelink fact sheets

Child Support
Estimate child support
‘Me and My Money’ booklet

Family Assistance
Information on payments and assistance to assist with costs of raising children
Online estimators/make claims/ update your information
Advance payments
Make payments you owe

About Hardship Utilities Grants
How do I apply?

How to reduce bills
Energy audits
Energy calculator

Tips for energy efficiency
Bill smoothing

Water Corporation
Payment assistance
Being water wise

Bill payment extensions
Financial hardship assistance policy
Telstra bill assistance program from agencies

Tenants Advice
Free legal advice and information to residential tenants
See a tenancy advocate

Fines and Infringements
Payment methods
Search suspensions
Information about infringements/fines/ consequences
Downloadable forms

Investigate and facilitate the resolution of complaints about electricity/gas

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
Investigate and facilitate the resolution of complaints for telephone/internet

Financial Ombudsman Service
Investigate and facilitate the resolution of complaints for financial planning.

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